Pilates4.me presents fresh workouts every week and offers tailor-made exercises for every private client. We are strong on body rehabilitation and correcting body alignment. Clients who join the group classes will be challenged with intense exercises to strengthen their core and take their fitness to the next level. Our studios are filled with enchanting music so diverse as our workouts. We guarantee you will never fall prey to boredom. Let the change begin!

Pilates can help with:

Post-op rehabilitation
Knee and ankle issues
Shoulder injuries
Flexible hip flexors
Reduce back pain

The Benefits of Pilates:

Increases Flexibility
Improves Fitness
Strengthens Core Muscles
Improves Muscle Power and Balance
Corrects Bad Posture
Improves Mental Focus

Our Workouts

Just a brief overview of our workouts and the equipment that we use.

All our instructors are Pilates Certified by Trifocus Fitness Academy, South Africa’s leader in fitness and sports education accredited by CATHSSETA and endorsed by REPSSA.