Pilates for Both Men and Women!

Monthly Memberships:

Join today and pay the pro-rated amount for this month. On the 25th, you will be invoiced in advance for the following month. If you join after the 25th, you will not be invoiced pro-rata but will be invoiced for the following month. A written calendar month’s notice is required to terminate monthly membership packages.

At Pilates4.Me, we strive to offer the highest quality experience at the most affordable price in our studio. Our monthly membership grants you unlimited attendance each month. We understand that circumstances such as holidays or personal commitments may affect your ability to attend. Rest assured, you can easily make up for any missed sessions upon your return, training as frequently as you desire. We sincerely thank you for your understanding and continuous support.

Please note that all classes, including drop-in classes, must be booked online using the Octiv app.

Our studio offers:

1. Pilates 4 Mat

Offering personal instruction in group settings, accommodating up to 10 participants. Engage in mat exercises incorporating balls, bands, weights, and other specialized equipment.

Please note that all classes, including drop-in classes, must be booked online using the Octiv app.

Monthly Membership – Unlimited Mat classes only
One Mat Class – Drop-In
R100.00 (Valid for 4 weeks)

2. Pilates 4 Reformer

Experience tailored instruction in group sessions, catering to up to 5 participants. Utilize Reformers and engage in exercises enriched with balls, bands, weights, and other supplementary equipment.

Monthly Membership – Unlimited Reformer or Mat classes
One Reformer Class – Drop-In
R180.00 (Valid for 4 weeks)

3. Pilates 4 Boxing

Dive into intense boxing exercises designed for group sessions, accommodating up to 4 participants.

Boxing Package 5 classes
R1000.00 (Valid for 6 weeks)
One Boxing class – Drop-In
R210.00 (Valid for 4 weeks)

4. Pilates 4 Private

Benefit from personalized instruction, with exercises tailored to individual needs. Incorporate equipment such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Wunda Chair, and mat exercises with balls, weights, and other niche equipment.

Private Pilates are instrumental in aiding people to bounce back from diverse injuries, ranging from athletic setbacks to musculoskeletal issues and post-surgery recovery. With customized workout routines and precise strategies, they expedite recovery, rejuvenate functionality, and ensure a smooth transition back to everyday tasks.

R375.00 per lesson.

Our Schedule

Please note that these time slots may change without notice.

Pilates 4 Reformer:

06:30 – Mon, Thu
07:30 – Tue, Fri
08:30 – Mon, Wed, Fri
09:30 – Mon, Tue, Thu
10:30 – Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
15:30 – Mon
16:30 – Tue, Thu
17:30 – Mon

Pilates 4 Mat:

06:30 – Tue, Wed
07:30 – Thu
08:30 – Tue, Thu
09:30 – Wed, Fri
10:30 – Mon
15:30 – Tue, Thu
16:30 – Mon
17:30 – Tue
18:30 – Thu

Pilates 4 Boxing:

17:30 – Thu
18:30 – Tue

Using the OCTIV App

Booking and Rescheduling:

  • Using the OCTIV App: For a seamless experience, download the OCTIV app from the App Store and follow the straightforward instructions.
    • Enter your email and set a password (use “Forgot Password” if necessary).
    • Select ‘Pilates4.Me’ from the ‘Account’ dropdown (if you’ve used OCTIV with another gym).

Once Logged In:

  • Schedule:  View available time slots and click ‘BOOK’ if the time slot matches your package.
  • Bookings:  View all your current bookings.
  • Packages:  View all your packages and remaining sessions. Click on “Buy a new package” at the bottom when needed. Tick all the prompts at the bottom and click on “Buy Package”. Click on Menu – Finances to pay. Memberships will be renewed automatically.
  • Menu:
    • Injuries: Update any relevant physical conditions.
    • Account: Finances – check or pay outstanding invoices. Keep your details current, including your profile photo.

Need Help?

Special Notes:

  • Booking Threshold: The booking and cancellation threshold period is 4 hours. If a cancellation occurs within this period, the class will unfortunately be forfeited.
  • Class Timing: Classes start every hour at the half-hour mark and last 50 minutes.
  • Membership Packages:  Join today and you will be invoiced in advance for the month. A written calendar month’s notice is required to terminate monthly membership packages.
  • Payment via the App: Click Menu – Finances.