Pilates for Both Men and Women!

Our studio offers:

1. Pilates 4 Mat

Offering personal instruction in group settings, accommodating up to 10 participants. Engage in mat exercises incorporating balls, bands, weights, and other specialized equipment.

One Mat class
R105.00 (Valid for 4 weeks)

Mat Package 5 classes
R500.00 (Valid for 6 weeks)

Mat Package 10 classes
R900.00 (Valid for 12 weeks)

Mat Package 20 classes
R1800.00 (Valid for 18 weeks)

2. Pilates 4 Reformer

Experience tailored instruction in group sessions, catering to up to 5 participants. Utilize Reformers and engage in mat exercises enriched with balls, bands, weights, and other supplementary equipment.

One Reformer class
R185.00 (Valid for 4 weeks)

Reformer Package 5 classes
R825.00 (Valid for 6 weeks)

Reformer Package 10 classes
R1600.00 (Valid for 12 weeks)

3. Pilates 4 Boxing

Dive into intense boxing exercises designed for group sessions, accommodating up to 4 participants.

One Boxing class
R210.00 (Valid for 4 weeks)

Boxing Package 5 classes
R1000.00 (Valid for 6 weeks)

4. Pilates 4 Private

Benefit from personalized instruction, with exercises tailored to individual needs. Incorporate equipment such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Wunda Chair, and mat exercises with balls, weights, and other niche equipment.

Private Package 5 classes
R1675.00 (Valid for 6 weeks)

Private Package 10 classes
R3350.00 (Valid for 12 weeks)

Personal Pilates are instrumental in aiding people to bounce back from diverse injuries, ranging from athletic setbacks to musculoskeletal issues and post-surgery recovery. With customized workout routines and precise strategies, they expedite recovery, rejuvenate functionality, and ensure a smooth transition back to everyday tasks.

We are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Our classes start on the half-hour mark, such as 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, and so on. Each session lasts 50 minutes, providing sufficient time to transition to the next class.

Pilates4.Me proudly serves the Hermanus, Northcliff, Westcliff, Eastcliff, Voëlklip, Sandbaai, Onrus, and Vermont regions.

Our online booking system diligently tracks your reservations. Kindly be aware that each package comes with a specified validity period.

The booking and cancellation threshold period is 4 hours.

If you buy 2 or more packages, the validity period of 2 packets will be added together.  For e.g. buy a Mat Package 10 (Valid for 12 weeks) + Reformer Package 5 (Valid for 6 weeks) = Both will be valid for 18 weeks. Please notify mail@pilates4.me to adjust these periods if needed.

Too complicated?

No problem. Simply give us a call, WhatsApp 071-664-6000 or email mail@pilates4.me.

Our Schedule

Please note that these time slots may change without notice.

Pilates 4 Private (9:30) – Mon
Pilates 4 Private (16:30) – Tue
Pilates 4 Private (9:30) – Fri
The regular weekly private classes are not listed.

Pilates 4 Boxing (16:30) – Thu
Pilates 4 Boxing (18:30) – Tue

Pilates 4 Mat (07:30) – Thu
Pilates 4 Mat (08:30) – Tue
Pilates 4 Mat (09:30) – Mon, Wed, Fri
Pilates 4 Mat (10:30) – Tue

Pilates 4 Mat (16:30) – Mon
Pilates 4 Mat (17:30) – Tue
Pilates 4 Mat (18:30) – Thu

Pilates 4 Reformer (07:30) – Tue, Fri
Pilates 4 Reformer (08:30) – Wed, Mon, Fri
Pilates 4 Reformer (09:30) – Tue, Thu

Pilates 4 Reformer (16:30) – Tue, Wed
Pilates 4 Reformer (17:30) – Mon, Thu