The Human Body – An Incredible Human Machine

Healthy Eating Habits and Exercise The human body is an extraordinary machine. Designed to house our soul and spirit, it is also the vehicle that transports us through life’s journey. There is nothing more mysterious, more breathtaking in its conception, marvellous in its mechanics, exquisite in its range of senses and staggering in our ability to…


Hip Flexors

Can Your Hip Flexor Flex its Muscle? Take a trip to Thailand or Southeast Asia, and you will notice that tight hips amongst the local population are as rare as hen’s teeth. Now, why would that be? Natural movement patterns are still daily in use over there. Most of their land agriculture is still worked…


The Change – Pilates Method

The overhaul of your human machine through the Pilates training method will enhance balance, spine alignment, stability, core strength, hip flexibility and much more.