Terms & Conditions

Our highly qualified and experienced Pilates instructors are committed to assisting you in reaching your health and fitness goals. Pilates4.me offers cross-training as a bonus to enhance and benefit your fitness regime. It may include a treadmill and some free-weight training to challenge, especially gents. We have found that this is a great benefactor to achieve individual goals.

Cancellation Policy

We work on a monthly basis and allocate a timeslot to you for the coming month and invoice you accordingly. If, however, you cannot attend a class, you can catch up on that class later that week or the following week where there are available timeslots. If you miss your catch up class, then we cannot reschedule the class. We cannot roll classes you didn’t attend, over from one month to the next. We also cannot adjust invoices to remove classes you are not going to attend. Please send us an SMS or WhatsApp message as soon as possible if you will not be attending your class. Somebody else can then use your spot to catch up on a class they have missed. When you go away on holiday or for an extended period and do not want to pay for the period you are away, please remember that we cannot guarantee that your timeslots will be available on your return. We cannot take on a new client in your timeslot and then ask them to leave upon your return. Neither can we not fill your timeslot and forfeit our income. You will not be billed on Public Holidays and during the December holiday period as the studio will be closed. We will credit your account should an instructor has to cancel on you.

Payment Terms

Pre-payment of classes is required. You can pay via bank transfer or cash. Kindly process your payment before attending your next scheduled class. Class fees will be revised at the end of the financial year, the end of February. The duration of all sessions is between fifty and fifty-five minutes starting on the hour, depending on traffic flow on the premises.


All information obtained from clients will be regarded as highly confidential. Please provide an accurate medical history on your Medical Form with current and past injuries, medication or other relevant information regarding your health and fitness history.

Attire & Covid 19 Protocol

The studio is a ‘shoe free’ zone, and we teach hands-on; if this is uncomfortable for you in any way, please let us know. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat, sweat towel and water bottle along to your session.

The following Covid 19 protocol will be adhered to by all clients and Pilates4.me staff:


Pilates4.me studio warrants that the Pilates classes are presented with reasonable skill and care.


Pilates4.me hereby indemnifies itself, members, directors, instructors, employees and the officers and landlords of the premises from all liability or responsibility whatsoever for bodily injury, Covid-19 related diseases or death, injury caused by equipment malfunction, damage to or loss of property, inside or outside of the studio, howsoever caused, and indemnifies and holds harmless the indemnified parties against any claim, loss, demands, liability, costs and expenses of whatsoever nature which may be made against any of them (including the costs incurred in defending or contesting any such claim) arising out of or connected with any agreement undertaken.

Revised 14 August 2021

We assure you of our best attention at all times to ensure “the change in your life!”